Christians with Depression

Signs of Depression and Hope in the Church


Christians with Depression

G'day. I'm Father Dave, and welcome to

This site is a joint effort by members of the Fighting Fathers online community. Our site has one fundamental purpose - to let other Christians who struggle with anxiety or depression know that they are not alone.

Fighting Father Dave

Those who have contributed articles here are of different ages, from various backgrounds and of different educational levels,
but we all have two things in common. We share a common commitment to Christ, and we have each experienced the pain
of depression.

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Sometimes I just want to die. A lot of t...

Post Partum Depression
My name is Narelle, I am a 41 year-old marri...

Depression And Sexuality
Sometimes I just want to die. A lot of times ...

Overcoming Depression
In the early 1970s I embarked upon a career in the film and television industry. T...

Coping with Depression
"Coping with Depression"

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